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 More paintings

 Over the four decades I pained hundreds of paintings. Images of some pf them are presented here to give you an idea about the styles, themes, colors and techniques I have been using. Most of my paintings are done with oil paint on canvas. I like to work on large canvases (4x6' or 4x4') but often I create smaller pieces as well. All images are available in original for or/and as high quality prints of various sizes. Enjoy the show and contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!

Camp Fire$g.jpg

"Camp Fire" oil on canvas, 36x36". Prints available.

Living between Sierra Nevada and Virginia Range the idea of a campfire is close to heart and we can enjoy beautiful campfires (except when there is a fire danger) in breathtaking nature. With the Moon and snowcapped mountains we feel cozy and at home by the fire... 

FlowerGoddess2P$s .jpg

"Flower Goddess" 36x36" oil painting. Created on Maui, Hawaii. 

Prints available.

As it says on a greeting card with this image:

"This goddess instantly turns any unresolved problems into flowers.

Meditating on her image  brings light and fulfillment."

Hawaii 1.jpg
Hawaii 2.jpg

"Hawaii I"  and on the right "Hawaii II", both oil on canvas size 24x28". Prints available.

These two paintings were for me a big step forward in achieving the sense of abstraction in a figurative composition. My experience of abstract dimension allowed me for that development. Two worlds united...

Sacred Connection.jpg

"Sacred Link" 48x48" oil on canvas.Prints available.

 Balancing the essence of romantic passion and tantric practices using the abstract composition and figurative story telling...



"Kundalini Offering" a color pencil drawing 8x11" Small size prints available. 

This drawing was originally a sketch for a painting about sharing the experience of spiritual enlightenment with another person. Still planning to create this painting one day...

Made on Maui, Hawaii.

If you would like to order a print please contact us.The shipment prices may vary depending on destination.

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