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Through Your Practice You Become
The Leader Of Human Transformation

Into A Conscious Multidimensional Being


In my book "TRANSENCENDENCE CALLING - The Power of Kundalini Rising and Spiritual Enlightenment" I write about my life before the experience, I describe the experience itself and write about life after the experience. In the third and last part of the book I explain my view subtle body, chakras, and  kundalini energy.  I outline  practices leading to a more conscious and fulfilling life. These practices can culminate in a full kundalini rising and spiritual enlightenment experience.


Someone who has had any difficulties with kundalini experiences my support and guidance can prove to be very valuable.


In my teachings the information about the subtle body, chakras and kundalini energy is expanded and the practices and exercises are presented with details. They are ready for an easy integration with your daily life. I present my teachings as  "Our Multidimensional Consciousness System"™ where the kundalini energy is an Individual Unit of Consciousness and chakras are the gates to the "Seven Dimensions of Perception". This groundbreaking, new approach comes directly from my experience and allows for a quicker assimilation of the principles leading to self-realization.


My individual and group sessions are focused on giving you a thorough understanding of life from the enlightened perspective of all the chakras open and the kundalini energy flowing smoothly. 

Powerful spiritual practice is designed on individual basis. It leads to release of the dominance of the first three chakras (physical, emotional and mental). The result is a free, highly capable individual with great ability to realize their life potential.

My clients learn how to train the first three chakras to achieve more power and control over their lives and how to cultivate the upper chakras to live a much more fulfilling, beautiful and magical existence and create a greater life for themselves and the world.

Coaching sessions and courses are offered online vis Zoom and also in a peaceful and inspiring setting of my art studio on 2.5 acres of land with 360 degrees views on Sierra Nevada and Virginia Range and a large pond with a private beach.

This comfortable setting is designed to accommodate up to 15 people. 


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