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Where is the book available for purchase

"Transcendence Calling - The Power of Kundalini Rising and Spiritual Enlightenment" is available for purchase from Barnes and Noble online store, Ingram - Sparks, Amazon, Books - A - Million and possibly some other online venues. It is also available in brick-and-mortar stores like  Barnes and NobleSundance Books and Music, "Melting Pot" and "The Studio" in Reno, Nevada. New addition:  Chaucer's Books in Santa Barbara, California.. We are in the process of making "Transcendence Calling" available in more stores, both online and brick-and-mortar venues.

About the book

After years of struggle, Monique Rebelle was on the verge of suicide. That’s when she experienced a miracle, that stopped her from ending her life and marked the beginning of a new, happy life. In "Transcendence Calling", Monique takes us through some of the key events before her experience, describes the transformational kundalini rising occurrence, and introduces a new, revelatory take on chakras, kundalini energy, and spiritual enlightenment. Information about this phenomenon, rare, but known for millennia,  and in-depth explanation about it is written in an accessible language and relates to everyone directly.

The capacity of our consciousness is far greater than what we are accustomed to using. The potential for full regeneration and happiness lives within us. "Transcendence Calling" gives you the tools you need to engage in practices that will lead to the realization of an amazingly powerful and beautiful existence. 

What's in the book:



From childhood in Poland to years in London, Amsterdam, Paris and Los Angeles, Monique outlines her inspirations, hopes, hardships and failures until the day of March 10th 1992.



Monique provides a detailed description of a classic spontaneous kundalini rising experience, with precise information about the stages of transformation and the final result: a state of spiritual enlightenment.



In this part Monique explains how we, humans, are multidimensional beings, able to operate on higher levels of consciousness than our usual one. Using accessible language she explains how everybody is able to reach a state of self-realization and what is needed  to discover it in yourself.


TC Cover June 10 2019.jpg

The Actual Path to Your True Enlightened Potential


This book is a delightful journey of a brave heart who has traveled through life's challenges and in and through the divine journey of experiencing who we truly are. Monique walks you through what happens when you touch in on the divine within you. She gives you hope to keep moving toward enlightened states and paints the picture for how this journey is real and accessible. Read this book and be shown the way to love. I highly recommend it.

Tamra Fleming

Revelatory and Engrossing

Monique Rebelle's "Transcendence Calling" is a revelatory guide, as well as an engrossing memoir. The story of Monique's life, growing up in Poland in the 1970's and '80"s and eventually settling in Los Angeles, could have been a book on its own. In this story, Monique focuses on the events in her life that brought her to a spiritual awakening.
Monique's honesty, humor and unique vision, combined with the deep knowledge she acquired through her experience, makes this book especially compelling. It is easy to understand for those who have never experienced such an awakening, and it can be a guide for those who have.

Kat Neueville

For the deep seeker of new discoveries in transcendent states of being
Thinking I would just browse the book at first, I was instantly sucked into the author's story of growing up in Poland and found myself propelled deeper and deeper into her dramatic and rough road until I could get to the parts about the transcendence! I enjoyed the swift and vivid storytelling as well as the in-depth look into her transcendent experiences and the new discoveries she's sharing in this book. Being someone who loves to nerd out about transcendent states and consciousness I felt like I got to learn some new things from this author. It's not easy to handle such nebulous subjects as consciousness AND do it in a way that is interesting/entertaining, and yet I feel like the author succeeds!
H. Shaw

...the intrinsic nature of all souls... by Monique Rebelle


This book completely gripped my soul. It takes a lot of strength to write truthfully and poignantly about one's life and artist Monique has created an eloquent prose. "That moment of discernment illuminated my very reason for being. I finally understood why, throughout my life, my truest instinctive desire was to focus on creating. It became completely clear that the inspiration I have been feeling all my life, irresistible pull into the creative process, is the intrinsic nature of all souls," she writes. As one who dreams of designs and patterns and colors I felt her sincerity. She has lived and created. The spiritual depth inspiring. "Soul exists in the sixth chakra realm," and her descriptions of each realm is helpful for the novice or well-informed. She has encouraged me to begin my daily yoga routine in earnest! 

Cindy Whitaker

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