ARTWORK: Paintings, Photography, Prints, Clothing and More.

Abstract (non-objective) work  started in 1988 in Los Angeles, California and has continued through many years. It began in an epiphany, of a sudden opening of the sixth chakra. At that moment I was able to enter the sphere of the universal mind, a world of concepts.
Abstract art has been around in the Western world for over hundred years.  Mystics like Lama Anagarika Govinda and Ramana Maharshi talked about that dimension as well. I did not have a full understanding of it until that day. Ramana Maharshi explains that realization of that dimension is one of the stages on the way to the enlightened state, describing his own experience. I read about that many years later. 
These paintings are visual contemplations.  
#99 "Entrance" 48"x60" oil on canvas  2016
# 70 "Progress into Silence" 16"x16" oil on canvas  2015
#93  "Cascadence" 36"x36" oil on canvas  2015 (sold) prints available
Semi-figurative paintings. Several were painted shortly after the experience in 1992. 

"Fire Goddess" 60"x48" oil on canvas

(sold) prints available

"Stargazer Lily" 40"x40" oil on

canvas (sold) prints available

"Magic Pool" 36"x36" oil on canvas

Photography begun with a purchase of a full frame camera and a trip to Alaska in 2009
NEW: Clothing and other merchandise. Great effects of the images on popular clothing and objects. Many more in the store. Affordable prices. 

Gallery Talk :"Non objective dimension" November 17th 2016 METRO Gallery in Reno City Hall,  Reno, Nevada.

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