Sessions and Courses

 Events and Workshops

Monique rebelle is available to give talks and classes   related to the content of her book "transcendence calling"

 List of Potential Subjects for a Presentation, Talk, Discussion, Lecture or Workshop.

*Subtle Body, Chakras as dimensions of perception, Kundalini Rising, Spiritual Enlightenment Overview


*Human as a Multidimensional Being - The importance of understanding chakras as dimensions of perception


*The Essence of Spiritual Practice: How to train the lower chakras and cultivate the upper

*Chakras as Dimensions of Perception - Why  we need to know the dimensions of perception

*Know Thyself and Self-Inquiry - the Tools of Transcendence


*The Dimension of Love 


*Sex, Kundalini Rising and Spiritual Enlightenment


*Upper Chakras’ Treasures


*Soul Self-Realization

*What is Ego and how to be free from it : The Third Chakra Mystery

*Receiving the Grace: Enter the Fourth Chakra and Feel The Love

*You Are Buddha:  Teachings From The Heart

​*Daily Life and the Sacred Path

*Ethereal Connection: Fifth Chakra 

*Vision and the Birth of Religions: The Sixth Chakra Message

*The Illusion of Existence: Beyond Space and Time Into Eternity

*Soul Self-Realization:  “I AM”

*The Seventh Chakra and Union with Ultimate Consciousness

*Everything Is Alive: You Are Everything

*Spiritual Practice and Application of Knowledge on the Path

*Kundalini Power, Sex, Tantra and Spiritual Enlightenment  In Simple Words

*Birth, Sex, Death and Spiritual Enlightenment:  Understanding  the Cycle

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