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About Monique Rebelle
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Monique Rebelle is an artist, a painter. Born in Poland, she left her home country as a teenager and lived, and worked in England, Holland and France before moving to United States. 

While living in Los Angeles she continued working on her art and after experiencing an epiphany while painting, her work became abstract, geometric and non-objective abstractions.


Although  finding appreciation for her art in the local art community, Monique's personal situation was a source of depression and eventually she became suicidal. This is when the amazing, miraculous occurrence of kundalini rising resulting in spiritual enlightenment took place and changed her life completely.  After years of contemplation of the phenomena she became a spiritual teacher. Her book about the experience - "Transcendence Calling - The Power of Kundalini Rising and Spiritual Enlightenment" was published in May of 2018.

Although these days more of us experience rising of our kundalini or spontaneous openings of the upper chakras, a complete experience is still very rare. Perhaps one in  20 million people experiences a full kundalini rising in this lifetime.


Monique shares her insights in her books (a new one, titled  "Seven Steps to a Better Human - Our Multidimensional Consciousness System - Overview and basic Practices"is to be released in 2023), talks, workshops, private sessions and programs for individuals or groups, and an online program. 

Monique teaches how to train and cultivate chakras to help the kundalini energy rise and to better utilize our great potential as truly magical, beautiful, creative and beneficial beings.

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