recent videos

The videos below are recordings from various events, sessions (individual and groups) classes and workshops. Scroll down below the short videos for the whole length videos from recent events.

"Beyond Life and Death" - explanation about the eternity of the awakened soul and other deep spiritual truths presented in a 45 minutes video.

A short clip from the upcoming online course "Step Up to Your Higher Self" 

1 minute videos

2-20 minutes videos

March 27th 2019 Center for Spiritual Living Reno, Nevada.

The whole length video from the 1hour 30 min presentation.

Re-Imagine Wellness Fair in Reno, Nevada, August 2019. A 30 minutes talk about the experience, the structure of subtle body, about kundalini as individual unit of consciousness and about chakras as dimensions of perception.

March 13th and 14th 2019 in the East West Bookshop in Mountain View, California  

The whole length video from the first day of the event: "The Universal Experience of Spiritual Enlightenment"