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ART commissions

Over the years my artwork has gone through many transformations and I learned to paint in many styles. Every now and then I like to work with a client on  their vision and realize it in a more figurative style than the non-objective process I have been engaging in lately. Below are a few examples of the commissioned works. If you have an idea and would like to see it realized in a painting, please contact me and we can create it together. All of my paintings are done in oils.

The Ice Cave.jpg

"In The Ice Cave" oil on canvas 36x48 is the most recent commission. This image was done for a cover of a book. The author of the novel described  the idea for the cover and gave me a very simple sketch. Prints on canvas or on other materials (paper, metal, etc.) are available in various sizes.

The painting above, "Kundalini ascending" was created for one of my students who suggested I paint the subtle body and use the painting in my teachings. Prints of this painting are available in many sizes. The size of the original is 20x24"

"The house on the lake" is a real place and the happy owners and their dogs are painted exactly to their likeness. There is a lot of detail in this painting. The size of this painting is 36x40". Prints are available.

This project was done accordingly to the vision of the client: a mysterious, sensual scene titled "Victorian Boudoir", set in the late XIX century. It was fun to design the whole image  and work with the intricate details. Size 36x40". 

Prints are available.

In the case of the "Eclipse" , the customer knew exactly what he wanted. He had a vision we discussed and after agreeing verbally and using some initial sketches I proceeded with creating the image. This customer did not want a fine detail rendering and opted for  more spontaneous, loose brush strokes. Prints are available.

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