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Through Your Practice You Become


The Leader Of Human Transformation

into a Conscious Multidimensional Being

In my book I write about my life before the experience, I describe the experience itself and write about life after the experience. In the last part of the book I explain about the subtle body and the chakras, and the kundalini energy.  I outline  practices leading to a more conscious and fulfilling life.


In my teachings the information about the subtle body, chakras and kundalini energy is expanded and the practices and exercises are presented with details and are ready for an easy integration with your daily life. The approach I present comes directly from my experience and allows for a quicker assimilation of the principles leading to self-realization.


My individual and group sessions are focused on giving you a through understanding of life from the enlightened perspective of all the chakras open and the kundalini energy flowing smoothly. 

Powerful spiritual practice is designed on individual basis. It leads to release of the dominance of the first three chakras (physical, emotional and mental). The result is a free, highly capable individual with great ability to realize their life potential.

My clients learn how to train the first three chakras to achieve more power and control over their lives and how to cultivate the upper chakras to live a much more fulfilling, beautiful existence and create a greater life for themselves and the world.



Sign up for a Clarity Session if you:


 - Would like to talk about your specific situation and help me decide what is the best way to for you to benefit from my teachings.

 - You know the options but you still need more help with deciding which type of session you should choose.

 - Have a couple of questions about your situation or/and  the offered programs.

Clarity Session is a  15-45 minutes consultation on Zoom or over the phone. 

Let me help you decide with your best interest in mind!


8 Module Course

Sign up for "Our Multidimensional Consciousness" if you:

 - You would like to take an introductory 8 modules course about our consciousness and how it relates to your personal life. 

 - You want to have the knowledge that will give you a base for further growth.


Sign up for a Single Session if you:

 - Prefer one-on-one private session.

 - Know the problem/situation you would like to work on.

 - Would like to get a full overview of all the teachings offered in the context of your situation with all of the benefits.

 - Would like to get the first class from the "Step Up To Your Higher Self Level 2" program.

 - You would like to get a package of 10 or 20 sessions but at first you'd like to experience the first session. 


 - You would like to focus on your particular situation and get full support throughout your 10 or 20 private sessions.

 - You would like to schedule your sessions as the time goes and can use them within 10 months (10 sessions) or 20 months (20 sessions) 


- You would like to take the 8 modules course in person or on Zoom and complete it in 8 weeks.

 - You would like to have an individual support during the time you are taking the online course "Step Up To Your Higher Self Level 1"

   and receive additional 8 sessions in person or on Zoom.

The new online course titled "STEP UP TO YOUR HIGHER SELF Level 1" is coming up soon! We have received a great number of filled out surveys! Thank you! Before the course gets its launch online you can still fill out the survey and receive a substantial discount on the course once it is ready.


- You would like to take the ultimate, comprehensive course with full  support* in person and on Zoom. 

 - You would like to go with a designed schedule or  take it at your own pace

 - You have 18 months to complete it

 - You can take up to 6 months break and get back to it later


 - You completed  the "Step Up To Your Higher Self Level 1" and would like to continue (the tuition for the Level 1 course

    is included in the price of the full course (Level 2)


Coaching sessions are offered in a peaceful and inspiring setting of my home and art studio on 2.5 acres of land with 360 degrees views on Sierra Nevada and Virginia Range and a large pond with a private beach.

This comfortable setting is designed to accommodate up to 15 people. 

Individual and group sessions are also possible via Zoom.

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