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Below you can find information about the content of the fundamental course from the series "Our Multidimensional Consciousness" delivered  in person or by Zoom. 

The full, 20 sessions course " Higher Self - A Course in Multidimensional Consciousness System" is offered one-on-one or in a group up to three students.  The online course " Higher Self - A Course in Multidimensional Consciousness System" is going to be offered in the basic form as described below.

To browse currently offered programs and sign up please visit:


Depending on your preferences and needs we can pick the right program for you. We can discuss the options during the free Orientation Session on Zoom or by phone.

Contact me to find out more about different options, including prices of the programs.

Find out about upcoming promotions so you can sign up for a course at the lowest price possible!

The Fundamental Course From The Series 

Higher Self I
8 modules basic course

Regardless of your present level of knowledge about the subtle body and multidimensionality of our consciousness, even if you are not yet familiar with my book or information available on this website, on You Tube, my Facebook Monique Rebelle Author page or Instagram @Moniquerebelle, you will be able to benefit greatly from this course. Once you sign up you will have a 2 year access to it together with all the upgrades we will be implementing in time.

This course is designed to be taken once a week for 8 weeks with an access to a Zoom meeting once a week. You can, however, take this course at your own desired pace and use the Zoom meeting opportunity for 6 months from the date of purchase. You can also become member and have a free lifetime access to the Zoom meetings. 

Modules:Each module contains a description of the class with three main topics discussed in that segment of the course. There are 3 videos presenting the content of each topic. Suggested practices and exercises and their transformational purpose are at the end of each video. There is also a transcript of each video.

Module 1: Overview of the Subtle Body and Kundalini

Introduction to the Subtle Body with Kundalini as individual unit of consciousness and Chakras as dimensions of perception. Present state of human consciousness and how it can be developed. Personal and universal reasons to engage in the suggested practices. The three videos are: From Personal to Universal, Kundalini Travel, Chakras as Dimensions of Perception.

Module 2: Emotions and Mind- Emptiness and Focus

Lower chakras training. Role of emotions on the path to your Higher Self. Practices that help to get rid of unwanted emotions and focus the mind. First steps to "Know Thyself" practice. Videos: Clearing the Path, Emotions and Emptiness, Mind Focus.

Module 3: Mind 

About transcendence of thoughts. How to work with your mind so it does what you want it to do. Videos: Ego and Mind, Focusing and Training, Know Thyself. 

Module 4: Dimension of Sacred Love

The real love goes beyond the personal emotional need and desire and is attainable all the time, we just need to know how to tap into it.

Videos: Receiving the Grace, Love Cultivation, About The Sacred.

Module 5: Connection and Sound

The interpersonal dimension of the 5th chakra allows us to get help if we need it and give help if we can. Through the vibration of sound we can heal ourselves and others. Meet the invisible beings who are there to educate and guide us, use your psychic powers to channel information we desire.Videos: Fifth Dimension Phenomena, Connection with Others, Cultivating the 5th Chakra.

Module 6: Intuition and Vision

The complex and layered nature of the sixth dimension. Each of us is using our sixth chakra on daily basis in observing and comprehending our visual reality. Tap into this mysterious dimension and expand your capabilities by reading what hides behind the visible surface. Cultivating the sixth chakra will make you move though life with more power and certainty. Videos: Visions and Scenarios, Layers and Individual Investigation, Cultivating the 6th Chakra.

Module 7: The Pure Intellect

Besides the goal oriented mind of the third chakra we also have the still unappreciated and underdeveloped seventh dimension of witnessing and discerning mind. Learn how to develop the seventh dimension so you can harness the depth of spiritual wisdom and let it guide you. In this class we will go into the process of Self Inquiry and its importance on the path to self-realization. Videos: The Nature of the Seventh Dimension, Self Inquiry, Spiritual Enlightenment.

Module 8: Your Conscious Practice

Review of the classes and practices. Fine-tuning individual paths. Future engagements. Videos: Review, Your Individual Path, The Next Step.

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