“Expansion of consciousness and discovery of the inner structure of our psyche happens when we reach deeper into our own selves.”

Monique Rebelle  

                           "TRANSCENDENCE CALLING"                                                                                                                                     

Conscious Co-Creating Now

 Practice Multidimensional Consciousness and Use Your Super Powers!

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Wednesday, May 20th ~ 5 - 6:30 pm


"Each of us is a single unit of consciousness operating and experiencing life through chakras as dimensions of perception."

                                                                                                                           Monique Rebelle                                                                                                                                                                                                 

“Through inner work on ourselves we can advance as beings and our troubles, and the troubles of the rest of the world will keep diminishing as a result.”                     


                                                                      Monique Rebelle

                                                                      "TRANSCENDENCE CALLING"      


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"After Attending Monique's Kundalini Think-Tank, I was intrigued by what might be inside of me, waiting to be discovered. 


Through Monique's guidance and her ability to explain this state of being in an easy, patient way, I have begun to discover my own inner chakras and I owe it all to Monique.

I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an experienced guide through a tangled life path. She is one of the brightest lights I have ever seen."

Peter Walker, Reno, Nevada

"The personal story was wonderful!

I enjoyed the tips to practice opening of the fifth chakra. This will be very helpful to include in my personal yoga practice."

                        Regan Smith

                      Reno Nevada



"Before I met Monique my life was pretty much a constant state of aggravation and anger.  Taking the second class with Monique, about  Emotions and Mind, I learned that there is a real, practical exercise I should try to help me feel better.


I began to practice what Monique was teaching and quickly instead of reacting to everything around  I was able  to take a step back and see the bigger picture of my life.

 The things that used to make me mad  don't matter any more. As a result I am so much happier now and I can think clearer. It is a huge change I  never thought was possible."


Lindsay Briggs, North Lake Tahoe

I thought the class was great - I have a lot to learn.

So many unexplained events led me here. So much resonates w/me that I have figured I am glad I'm on track


                           Thank you                                 Maggie 


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