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After years of struggle and on the verge of suicide Monique experienced a spontaneous, miraculous experience that brought deep, unconditional happiness and changed her life forever.


She shares her insights and wisdom  in her book "Transcendence Calling The Power of Kundalini  Rising and Spiritual  Enlightenment" and in talks, videos, workshops, private sessions and programs for individuals or groups in person and online. 

Her new book, titled "Our Multidimensional Consciousness System - Seven Steps to a Better Human" and an online course Our Multidimensional Consciousness are scheduled to be published in 2022.


Spirituality Studies Fall 2021 issue

The essay in this beautiful journal is about my spontaneous experience and it also presents a general description of Our Multidimensional Consciousness System™.

You can read the embedded journal or click on the cover to the right to read it on the journal's site. Enjoy!

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"After Attending Monique's Kundalini Think-Tank, I was intrigued by what might be inside of me, waiting to be discovered. 


Through Monique's guidance and her ability to explain this state of being in an easy, patient way, I have begun to discover my own inner chakras and I owe it all to Monique.

I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an experienced guide through a tangled life path. She is one of the brightest lights I have ever seen."

Peter Walker, Reno, Nevada

 "I have been following Monique's events and participated in some of her classes. Learning about dimensions of our conscious-ness helped me to understand certain experiences that I have had, mainly psychic experiences. For example knowing what is going to happen in the near future before it actually does.

I recently took her class Our Multidimensional Consciousness 101 which clearly explains how to be aware of yourself and your potential. I have discovered so much more in myself, my life has greatly improved from her teachings.

Dorian B.

Monique Rebelle's course "Higher Self" was so interesting! I feel  that I really grew with this course!I am already not the same person that I was before. I was stuck in the emotional dimension and now I am free, living my life on a different level - what a change!. And now I know that if I keep on doing the practices I learned I will still keep on improving!

I have experienced a huge shift in my consciousness! 

Learning about how it works is so libearting! 

    Margaux Siret, France



"Before I met Monique my life was pretty much a constant state of aggravation and anger.  Taking the second class with Monique, about  Emotions and Mind, I learned that there is a real, practical exercise I should try to help me feel better.


I began to practice what Monique was teaching and quickly instead of reacting to everything around  I was able  to take a step back and see the bigger picture of my life.

 The things that used to make me mad  don't matter any more. As a result I am so much happier now and I can think clearer. It is a huge change I  never thought was possible."


Lindsay Briggs, North Lake Tahoe

This course blew my mind! And what is really great, is that I even know how it happened! Monique not only helped me to find my real self this time, but now,

if I ever get lost in the "samsara" again, I know

all the steps that will lead me to my true, eternal being. I know the practice!


I have been looking for answers for so many years - I finally feel I am home and happy.

Jeanine E. Montreal, Canada


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