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Introduction to the basics of OMC System + essential practices.

  • 475 US dollars
  • Online session

Service Description

Higher Self Intro is the introduction to the basics of Our Multidimensional Consciousness System. These two hour class ( if more participants, it can take more time, up to 3 hrs.) can be attended individually or in a group. It is an extended version of the first module of the Higher Self Course. When you complete it, you can continue onto the Higher Self Course with a discount of $250. Here is what you can expect to accomplish by taking this course: - Understand who you are as a Spirit- Consciousness, purpose of Kundalini rising and the state of Spiritual Enlightenment - Get a thorough understanding of the Subtle Body, Kundalini as an Individual Unit of Consciousness and Chakras as the gates to the Dimensions of Perception - Learn about each of the seven dimensions, their nature and way of operating. - Identify each chakra as a dimension of perception in your life. - Learn the basic techniques of isolating, training and practicing each chakra individually. - Learn the principles of Combined Practices. Equipped with this knowledge you can begin to: - have confidence you are on the right track in your spiritual growth - control your emotions and dissipate the negative ones to live a happier life - train your mind in order to be more productive and successful - practice the sacred love and live a more fulfilling life - use methods of self healing and improve your relationships - progress in psychic sciences, visual and intuitive understanding - develop the sacred, universal mind and gain wisdom This interactive session encourages comments and questions during the class duration and the last part of the session is dedicated to extensive Q&As. The price for the Higher Self Intro is $425. This service is delivered to an individual attendee or to a group of up to 5 attendees.

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