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8 modules, 20 X 1hr. sessions

  • ZOOM or in person

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Higher Self - A Course in Multidimensional Consciousness Who is this course for: You feel that spiritual growth is something that can help with your emotional, mental or spiritual problems. You might have had some amazing spiritual experiences (maybe Kundalini rising?) You might feel that even though your life seems to be going well, there is something missing. You might just feel that you need to find your own path to a better life. You are willing to try the practices and see how they work. You are advanced on your spiritual path and are searching for ways to deepen your understanding and effectiveness of practices. During this 8 module course you will have 20 in person or Zoom sessions and 24/7 email support. Sessions are scheduled weekly, but can also be arranged individually. The first module of Higher Self Course gives us a thorough overview of the subtle body with kundalini energy as an individual unit of consciousness and chakras as dimensions of perception. The following 6 modules explore the dimensions of perception, while paying attention to your individual predispositions. You will get exercises and practices to train and cultivate each chakra. Application of the principles and practices will be discussed accordingly to your individual needs in the eight module. Completing the course will allow for a full understanding and practical application of the human potential as a multidimensional being. The list below is an example of what your results can be, but there are many other wonderful possibilities of growth that depend on your individual predispositions, needs and desires. - sense of personal power and inspiration about future - ability to positively manage all unwanted emotions - a mind that eagerly and effectively solves problems - high ability to focus and accomplish desired goals - feeling loved and loving the world - feeling connected, able to receive or give help and support when needed - improvement in all relationships - growth in areas of psychic powers or/and music, dance, performance - growth in intuition and visualization - a full-spectrum being that can live a beautiful life and help others - awareness of being a creator of life with love and inspiration For more information please schedule orientation session: When signing up please schedule the first session online. Thank you!

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