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We hope the live classes will be back soon, in the meantime you can watch archived classes from the past. The classes are by donation, suggested donation for watching online is $20. 🙏

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January 12th in Temple Yoga. The eight and final class from the series. "Your Practice"

December 8th in Temple Yoga. The seventh class from the series. " Self-Inquiry and Pure Intellect"

November 10th in Temple Yoga, Reno. The sixth class from the series. "Intuition, Vision and More..."

October 13th in Temple Yoga, Reno. The fifth class from the series :Our Multidimensional Consciousness" titled "The Magic of Sound and Connection"

September 15th in Temple Yoga, in Reno, Nevada. A fourth class from the  series "Our Multidimensional Consciousness" titled The Sacred Dimension of Love - Always and Everywhere".

July 21st in Temple Yoga, in Reno, Nevada. A third class from the  series "Our Multidimensional Consciousness" titled "Mind  -  First Steps to Self Inquiry - Know Thyself".

June 30th in Temple Yoga, in Reno, Nevada. A second class from the  series "Our Multidimensional Consciousness" titled "Emotions and Mind - Emptiness and Focus"

Because of a technical problem we were unable to get a full video of the Orientation Class from June 2nd. However, the video below, from a very successful event in the Center for Spiritual Living in Reno can also serve as an introduction to the classes very well. Hope you enjoy it. 


Class 1: Orientation class about the nature of subtle body, chakras and kundalini energy.

Class 2: Emotions and Mind - Emptiness and Focus   Sunday, June 30th 3pm-5 pm 


In this class you will learn about the role of emotions from the viewpoint of the path to your Higher Self and you will receive suggestions for basic practices which will allow to take control over your emotions and enable the kundalini energy to rise.



Class 3: Mind - First Steps to Self Inquiry - Know Thyself Sunday, July 21st 3-5 pm


In this class you will find out what transcendence of thoughts is and how to train your mind to clear the congestion in the third chakra. Monique will explain the difference between the practice of “Know Thyself” and “Self Inquiry” and suggest how to go about them with the focus on elementary “Know Thyself”.


Class 4: Dimension of Love - Always and Everywhere Sunday, September 15th  3-5 pm


Real, true love goes beyond the personal emotional need and personal expression. It is a dimension we can tap into and draw from any time and anywhere. Become a conduit for love and make life better for yourself and the world around you. In this class we will explore the Sacred Dimension of Love - the Heart Chakra.


Class 5: Connection and Sound Sunday, October13th 3-5 pm


The interpersonal dimension of the 5th chakra allows us to get help if we need it and give help if we can. Through the vibration of sound we can heal ourselves and others. Meet the invisible beings who are there to educate and guide us, use your psychic powers to channel information we desire. Learn to cultivate the fifth dimension in your being.



Class 6: Intuition and Vision Sunday, November 10th 3-5 pm


The nature of the sixth dimension is complex and layered. However, each of us, regardless to our knowledge about it, is using our sixth chakra on daily basis in observing and comprehending our visual reality and imagining possible scenarios intuitively. Tap into this mysterious dimension and expand your capabilities by reading what hides behind the visible surface. Cultivating the sixth chakra will make you move though life with more power and certainty.


Class 7: The Pure Witnessing Intellect  Sunday, December 8th 3-5 pm


Besides the goal oriented mind of the third chakra we also have the still unappreciated and underdeveloped seventh dimension of witnessing and discerning mind. Learn how to develop the seventh dimension so you can harness the depth of spiritual wisdom and let it guide you. In this class we will go into the process of Self Inquiry and its importance on the path to self-realization. 


Class 8: Your Conscious Practice Sunday, January 12th 3-5 pm


Discussing results of practices and fine-tuning individual paths. Discussing options for future development.

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