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A new event, our next Kundalini Think-Tank meeting, is coming up at the end of February, maybe the first week of March. Will post more info soon, for now just let me tell you we will have another celebration and we will have a meeting of a specific topic, probably titled "You are Buddha - Teachings from the Heart."

birthday bash, auction, fundraiser

The event took place on January 21st. It was a lot of fun. I was able to raise $690 towards the publishing of the book! Thank you all of my guests and participants in the auction! A great beginning! 😀

Check out info about our past events in 2016 and usual format of Kundalini Think-Tank Events:


This time we meet in the Reno City Hall! I am having a show of my paintings in METRO Gallery, located in the lobby of the City Hall. We will be talking about the glimpses of other dimensions, awakenings, visions, contact with other beings - the usual stuff 😉

And most of all we will be talking about all that which has to do with what artists are busy with: the creative process, inspiration, art as investigation into deeper truths, art as therapy etc.

We have a Special Guest who is coming to join us form Los Angeles. Peter Frank, a well known art critic and curator will be speaking first and will give our discussion a bit of art-historic background, which should be very interesting. I have to say I love to hear Peter frank talk, not only because he is a real art encyclopedia, not only because he is a very talented, star speaker, not only because his insights are brilliant, but also because he has a great sense of humor on top of it.

I will recount the experience which made me begin a new chapter in my art-making - dwelling in the non-objective dimension.

I hope to inspire others to share their experiences. So far we have had so many fascinating stories told by our participants, I can't wait to hear new ones, and I hope I will.

We will have a short break after which I will talk about inspiration, creative process and other information which I was blessed to receive during my kundalini rising experience. Hope that will follow with questions and discussion.

Location: "METRO" Gallery in the lobby of Reno City Hall on 1 East 1st Street, Reno, NV 89501

Time: Thursday, Decemebr 15th at 5:00

Address: 1690 Murphy Place, 

Reno, Nevada 89521

Flyer for the event on October 11th 2016


Our meetings typically take place about every two months. They are designed to last two hours. In a comfortable, easygoing 

atmosphere we talk about most fascinating yet unaccountable for moments from our lives. Many of us have glimpses, sudden epiphanies  realizations and experiences, which suddenly take us into other dimensions of perception. These moments often seem incomprehensible. Discussing such moments is how we usually start the meeting and it goes from there.  I introduce my knowledge about the subtle body, kundalini and the charkras, which I received during my Kundalini Rising experience. I explain the nature of our "supernatural" glimpses and other experiences and proceed with  further  insights into the kundalini process and our multidimensional existence. There is enough time to ask questions and discuss answers.

Everybody is welcome, but please sign up in advance. Thank you! 


In the Foothills of Virginia Range, overlooking Virginia mountains to the east and the spur of Sierra Nevada - Carson Range, to the west. The southwest view is on Mt.Rose (10,776ft.) and Slide Mountain, where Mt.Rose Ski Resort is located.  

The views are spectacular in all directions, the art studio space connected with the living room is comfortable and bright.

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