and the transformation starts with You

You are welcome to learn how to:

* Recognize that you are a multidimensional being, able to function on a much  higher level of consciousness than most of mankind at the present time.

​* Apply the practices which will allow you to transcend the limits of the ego and become a free person without  baggage from the past, with optimal mental ability and boundless positive energy.

* Receive the gift of eternal love which will not only make you happy, but allow you to help many others to find love and fulfillment.

* Realize your Soul and experience immortality.

* Stay connected to the source of creation and consciously create a beautiful life.

For someone who is simply seeking improvement in their life, recovery from a traumatic experience or gaining tools to deal with obstacles and difficulties, individual program may initially include only basic information about the spiritual truths. Most of the program will be designed to apply specific practices in daily life to start getting better immediately.


Here are some of the topics discussed during the individual or group sessions: 

* Subtle Body, Chakras, Kundalini Rising, Spiritual Enlightenment Overview 
* What is Ego and how to be free from it : The Third Chakra Mystery
* Receiving the Grace: Enter the Fourth Chakra and Feel The Love
* You Are Buddha:  Teachings From The Heart
* Daily Life and the Sacred Path
* Ethereal Connection: Fifth Chakra 
* Vision and the Birth of Religions: The Sixth Chakra Message
* The Illusion of Existence: Beyond Space and Time Into Eternity
* Soul Self-Realization:  “I AM”
* The Seventh Chakra and Union with Ultimate Consciousness
* Everything Is Alive: You Are Everything
* Spiritual Practice and Application of Knowledge on the Path
* Kundalini Power, Sex, Tantra and Spiritual Enlightenment  In Simple Words
* Birth, Sex, Death and Spiritual Enlightenment:  Understanding  the Cycle


Coaching sessions are offered in a peaceful and inspiring setting of my home and art studio. This intimate setting is designed to accommodate 15 people or less. Images on this page are of the house and the area around it.

Individual sessions are also possible via  Zoom

Powerful spiritual practice is designed on individual basis. It leads to release of the dominance of the first three chakras (physical, emotional and mental). The result is a free, highly capable individual with great ability to realize their life potential.

My clients learn how to cultivate the upper chakras, live a much more fulfilling, beautiful existence and create a greater life for themselves and the world.

 "After Attending Monique's first Kundalini Think-Tank, I was intrigued by what might be inside of me, waiting to be discovered. Through Monique's guidance and her ability to explain this state of being in an easy, patient way, I have begun to discover my own inner chakras and I owe it all to Monique. I highly recommend her to anyone who may feel a bit 'lost' in their life, who is looking for an experienced guide through a tangled life path. She is one of the brightest lights I have ever seen."

Peter Walker, Reno, Nevada 

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