monique rebelle

years 1988-1996

I arrived to Los Angeles in September of 1987.  My visual perception was still of a very European  character, but my environment was so different now. I started working on a new project by coming up just with titles. I toyed with the idea  that a title could appear by itself and subsequently develop into a painting, a poem or a song. After a while I had about 67 titles. I would pick one that inspired  an interesting vision in the moment. I had soon produced several acrylic paintings, each about 20 by 10 inches.  I kept them all titled in a typically post-modern manner, with ironic social commentary or plays on words that could reveal something unexpected.

monochromatic 1988-1990
color 1990-1994
new shapes 1994-1996
new work
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"Thought substitute" 1988
"Hollywood Style" 1988
One day I started to
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Eventually for the next eight
1. monochromatic 1988-1990 2. color 1990-94   3. new shapes